SmarTally® Shift Scheduler

Manage shift times and schedules for your crew with SmarTally® Shift Scheduler (SS). As crews and shifts change throughout the day, SmarTally® SS passes information along to PLCs in order to coordinate whistles and horns, and track production information for accurate shift-based reporting. Integrate shift information with your operation’s PLC network today; SmarTally® SS is included with any software product purchase.

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Product Features

  • Track multiple shifts and crews
  • Track shift, crew, and break information within PLCs
  • Control horns and whistles to indicate start and end times for shifts and breaks
  • Support for swing shifts
  • Compatible with ControlLogix, PLC-5, SLC, MicroLogix and Modbus processors
  • User-level password-protected security

    Integrate Shift information with your PLC Networks to Coordinate Whistles & Horns

    Use SmarTally® SS to integrate shift, crew, and break information with PLC networks across multiple sites.  SmarTally® SS’s user interface makes it easy to enter the shift times with their associated lunch and breaks.  When started, the application runs invisibly in the background, tracking the shift and crew changes as they happen and writing this information to the PLC for controlling production values like uptime and downtime.  Support for swing shift is also included. 

    Introduce Shift Information into your Reports

    With the incorporation of SmarTally® SS, SmarTally® Report Viewer may generate reports accurately on a shift-by-shift basis.  With this functionality comes the ability to filter by date ranges, including day, week, month, calendar or fiscal year, or any other customizable date range. SmarTally® SS also includes shift and crew designations.  Need to generate a report based on an entire month but only for Day Shift? SmarTally® RV has you covered.

    Upgrade Now

    Running an older version of SmarTally®? Users with an active support contract are entitled to free updates.

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    Each purchase of a SmarTally® software product includes complimentary copies of SmarTally® Report Viewer and SmarTally® Shift Scheduler.

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