SmarTally® Display Edition

SmarTally® Display Edition (DE) is a powerful tool for communicating with numerous electronic displays using your existing PLC network.  It works with serial and ethernet devices while reading data from multiple PLC sources. Our simple message creation process ensures that adding new messages to displays is fast, and with features like expiry dates and custom message formatting, SmarTally® DE is the only program your mill will need to serve messages to all of your displays.

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Product Features


  • Supports multiple message displays
  • Compatible with ControlLogix, PLC-5, SLC and MicroLogix processors
  • Supports Serial and Ethernet displays
  • Specify colours for message priorities
  • Expiry dates for messages
  • Email and text message alert capabilities
  • Detailed reports for message occurrences
  • Advanced user-level security access

Integrate your Communications Network

SmarTally® DE provides a central hub for managing your operation’s electronic displays.  See which displays, messages, and PLCs are active from one easily accessible dashboard.  SmarTally® does the work for you, adapting different communication formats from various PLCs and displays into one user-friendly application.

The system is compatible with ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix, PLC-5 and SLC processors, in addition to a wide variety of digital signs, including Pro-Lite, Adaptive Displays, Newnes Infomaster, and Vorne Industries.  The flexible programming behind the software allows it to accommodate new message display models as they become available on the market.  Swapping out old displays is easy; simply edit the existing display’s configuration with the new model type, and the software will continue to run the same settings on the new display.

Create or Adjust Messages with Ease

We set out to create an intuitive user interface for creating messages, and ended up with a simple, but extremely flexible message creation system.  Adding and configuring displays is easy; simply give the display a name, select its type from the list provided, and enter its IP Address.  Messages can then be dragged and dropped onto specific displays to be added to them.  Messages can also be organized into Message Groups, allowing operators to arrange information and save time by adding collections of messages to a display at once.

The Right Information at the Right Time

Created messages can then be triggered by specific user-defined conditions.  These can be simple bits in the PLC, or complex conditions made up of equal to, greater than and less than operators. Messages can also be altered by your PLC network.  Users can enter simple text to be triggered, such as Control Power Is Off, for example, or implement data-driven messages like 98.6% Efficiency where the 98.6% value is calculated by SmarTally® from uptime and runtime values obtained from a PLC. 

Priority Message & Alerting System

SmarTally® DE can retrieve PLC address and tag data to be displayed as a message, or monitor alarm bits to trigger other messages.  A four-level deep priority setting provides the ability to override low priority messages with higher priority messages, ensuring that the most important information is on display when it needs to be.  Keep information organized by applying different display colours to particular messages or message priorities.

To top the system off, SmarTally® Display Edition’s alerting system allows any message to be sent to an email address or a mobile phone in the form of a text message.  If an alarm is triggered because an urgent situation has arisen, rest assured that SmarTally® will not only update the relevant displays, but also send notifications to key personnel immediately.  The included copy of SmarTally® Shift Scheduler allows the software to coordinate such alert messages by shift, if desired.

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Each purchase of a SmarTally® software product includes complimentary copies of SmarTally® Report Viewer and SmarTally® Shift Scheduler.

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