SmarTally® Key Performance Indicator

Previously SmarTally® Downtime Edition.

Stay on top of your mill’s performance with SmarTally® Key Performance Indicator (KPI).  Track KPIs across numerous PLCs and Machine Centers to track Uptime, Downtime, Production Data, Mileage, Diagnostics, or any other data.  Once integrated with your PLC network, the software automatically logs changes to a database where they can be accessed by the included SmarTally® Report Viewer, or by third-party tools if desired.

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Product Features


  • Track KPI’s across multiple sites
  • Set up multiple Machine Centers
  • Customizable features allow you to track uptime, downtime, production, mileage, diagnostics, and other data types
  • Compatible with ControlLogix, PLC-5, SLC, MicroLogix and Modbus processors
  • Extremely flexible, customizable reporting
  • Remote reporting and third-party report integration
  • Advanced user-level security access

Keep Track of What Matters

SmarTally® KPI is designed to help you get the most out of your operation, whether that involves tracking production data, monitoring machine performance, or calculating mill uptime.  The software system is completely customizable; all of the data that SmarTally® KPI tracks is guided by data types specified by the user.  

SmarTally® KPI is ideally suited (but not limited) to tracking the following information:

  • Machine uptime
  • Machine downtime
  • Calculating efficiency
  • Calculating production
  • Trending data over time

Advanced Reporting Features

SmarTally® KPI’s reporting capabilities are extremely flexible.  Information is organized on the report by various data types, so all of your KPI data is kept together in a meaningful way.  View reports spanning a shift, crew, day, week, month, or year at the click of a button.  Filter data by site, machine center, or KPI data type to give you a customized report to analyze.  Or, ask our software team for custom report design options. 

Hassle-Free Setup

SmarTally® KPI ties into Allen-Bradley and Modicon Modbus PLC’s with ease.  Multiple machine centers can be configured, each with PLC tags (KPIs) assigned to them to track data.  In most cases you only need to enter the IP address and slot number of the PLC.  If a ControlLogix Gateway is used you would enter the CIP path.  For Modicon devices you enter the IP Address and Port number.

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Each purchase of a SmarTally® software product includes complimentary copies of SmarTally® Report Viewer and SmarTally® Shift Scheduler.

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