SmarTally® Canter Edition

SmarTally® Canter Edition (CE) provides setwork controls and reporting features designed to help you get the most out of your canter operation.  Maximize your log recovery factor by setting up unique Cut Profiles with sets – the system will automatically take into account log diameter, wane, and square edge to produce the desired products. Keep your operation running at peak efficiency by tracking canter production across multiple machine centers. SmarTally® CE can tie into your existing production line, or MicroWest can provide a custom PLC scanning system.

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Product Features

  • Track production across multiple lines
  • Use Cut Profiles to increase recovery
  • Automatically export reports to PDF, Excel, and other formats
  • Save reports at the end of a shift, or have them saved, printed, or emailed to you automatically
  • View reports by small diameter, large diameter, length, or custom-defined breakpoints
  • Compatible with ControlLogix, PLC-5, SLC and MicroLogix processors
  • Advanced user-level security access

    Maximize Your Log Recovery Factor

    Set up collections of sets within unique Cut Profiles to produce your desired products, and the system will automatically adjust the setworks to maximize log recovery as individual logs run through. Product thicknesses and widths can be defined to control the setworks for each head, allowing you to precisely control the cut of the log and get the most recovery for each given diameter. Side and Face Wane can also be configured individually, allowing for even more recovery. Once configured, Cut Profiles can be easily downloaded to the PLC, configuring the system to produce your desired products.

    Canter Controls Reporting Package

    SmarTally® CE works with SmarTally® Report Viewer to generate a number of different reports based on log diameter, log length, and volume. These include:

    • Log Count by Small Diameter
    • Log Count by Large Diameter
    • Log Count by Length
    • Log Count vs Length by Small Diameter
    • Log Count vs Length by Large Diameter

    SmarTally® Canter Edition’s user interface allows the operator to configure the small diameter, large diameter and length breakpoints prior to generating a report, allowing the presented data to be grouped and organized as desired.

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    Each purchase of a SmarTally® software product includes complimentary copies of SmarTally® Report Viewer and SmarTally® Shift Scheduler.

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