About Us

MicroWest Design Ltd. is a dynamic company based in Prince George, BC, that meets the automation and software needs of a range of clients in the forestry, mining, and other industries across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the United States.  We take pride in the relationships that we have formed with our customers, and in our ability to work closely with them as we provide them with the tools that they need to advance in the modern industrial marketplace.  Canadian Forest Products Ltd., WestFraser Sawmills Ltd., Western Forest Products Inc., and Dunkley Lumber Ltd. are among our clients.

MicroWest was incorporated in 1994.  Our company began by working with microcontroller chips, designing small systems for telemetry equipment, digital signs, and adapter boards.  Shortly thereafter we moved into electronics repair, computer sales and services, and office networking.

In 1998 MicroWest began working with PLC controls, expanding our operations to include large-scale automation systems design, and programming and technical support services.  We also began developing our own line of SmarTally® industrial software products to fill the gaps that we found in the market.  Since then, we have worked on a number of projects ranging from controls for new planer installations to complete mill-wide HMI upgrades.  Today, we combine our experience with our knowledge of the industry to give our customers the quality products and services that they need to help them compete more effectively in global markets.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in producing high-quality, user-friendly automation solutions that evolve with our customers.

Our Vision

To change the face of the automation industry by introducing innovative new products and systems that help sawmills push their resources to their furthest limits.

Our Customers

We recognize that our business has been built on our relationship with our clients.  MicroWest Design is committed to working closely with our customers to ensure that their individual needs are met at every step of a project, from initial planning to continued optimization and 24/7support.

MicroWest Design has been improving industrial operations at sites across North America since 1998.

Contact Us

Toll Free: 1-866-614-0205
Direct: 1-250-614-0204
Fax: 1-250-614-0207
Email: info@microwestdesign.com