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  SmarTally® Sorter Edition
  SmarTally® Moisture Edition
  SmarTally® Display Edition
  SmarTally® Downtime Edition
  SmarTally® Canter Edition
  SmarTally® Log Sort Edition
  SmarTally® Shift Scheduler
  SmarTally® Label Edition
  SmarTally® GMR Edition
  SmarTally® MSR Edition
  Laser Log Gapping
  Planer Setworks Control

  Automation Design
  PLC Programming
  HMI Programming

Brochure Downloads:
  SmarTally Display Edition
    ( PDF 361KB)
  SmarTally Moisture Edition
    ( PDF 213KB)
  SmarTally Label Edition
    ( PDF 170KB)
  Laser Log Gapping
    ( PDF 191KB)
  Planer Setworks Controls
    ( PDF 272KB)

SmarTally® Sorter Edition is a sophisticated sorting system that allows the sorter to maximize its sorting potential. The sorter is controlled through a graphical Windows™ user interface where sorts can be created and edited on-the-fly while the sorter is operating.

Standard features include:

  • Customizable Sorting parameters
  • Board Monitoring
  • Trim Rule Control
  • Grade Stamp Control
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Advanced customizable database-driven reporting

Bin details at a glance:

SmarTally® Sorter Edition's main screen shows you an overview of each of your bins. Quickly see details like the bin status, piece count, package size, and sort in a graphical easy to read format. Vertical product descriptions allow you to easily see the product in each bin and the color codes let you quickly identify full, spare, offline and active bins.

Detailed Bin and Sort Information
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Detailed Bin and Sort Information:

The intuitive Bin and Sort screens display detailed information on the product being created. The drag-and-drop sort creation and graphical product representation ensure that products are correctly configured.

Enable and disable sorts, set package sizes, mix additional products by percentage or number of pieces, and even set up an alternate sort to use after this sort has been filled.

Bin and Sort Summary
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Sort and Bin Summaries:

The Sort and Bin Summaries allow you to look over your sorts and view your bins to quickly identify missing products or omitted parameters. From here you can Enable and Disable sorts, change the package size, sort zones, descriptions and see if any sorts may be missing.

Grade Stamps
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Grade Stamps:

SmarTally® Sorter Edition offers a unique Grade Stamp selection screen. Grade Stamps can be configured to stamp based on product or stamp based on sort.

Stamping based on Grade vs Stamp based on Product:

With the program configured to stamp based on product, you can select a grade stamp combination to use for each product individually.

Download Capabilities
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Download Capabilities:

SmarTally Sorter Edition gives you the ability to selectively choose and download parts of your sort file giving you complete flexibility over the control of the sorter.

Visual aids assist in alerting you of errors in the sorts ensuring that the sorter is correctly configured when it is started.

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