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SmarTally® Shift Scheduler works alone or in conjunction with other SmarTally® products to provide real-time shift scheduling management through an easy-to-use interface. All aspects of a typical mill shift can be configured including:

  • Start and end times.
  • Lunch and coffee breaks.
  • Whistle control with warning.
  • Swing shift management.
  • Report tracking for other SmarTally® products.

Whistle control:

SmarTally® Sorter Edition has an integrated PLC Communication protocol allowing you to access your PLC across the network. This gives you the ability to manage shift scheduling in the PLC.

Setting up shift times
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Setting up Shift Times:

Configuring shift times is as easy as entering the times for each day of the week. Adding another shift can be done just as easily giving you the ability to add any shifts your mill needs.

Day Shift, Afternoon Shift, Graveyard Shift, Weekend Shift, Cleanup shift and more can be added with SmarTally® Shift Scheduler.

Configuring a Crew Schedule
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Configuring a Crew Schedule:

SmarTally® Shift Scheduler's Crew schedules make managing your mill's swing shifts easy. If your mill has a day and afternoon shift that swing between the two every two weeks all that is needed is to enter the shift starting date, the number of days until the shift swings (14 days), and the duration that this lasts (24 days), and SmarTally® Shift Scheduler will manage the shift for you.

If your mill cancels a shift it can easily be cancelled from SmarTally® Shift Scheduler by unchecking the Active button and it will no longer be factored into the scheduling routine.

Assigning Crew to Shifts
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Assigning Crew to Shift:

Some applications have specific users that can be assigned to a shift. SmarTally® Sorter Edition allows graders to be configured and SmarTally® Canter Edition allows Operators to be configured. This allows each application's reporting package to assign a name to their product. In the case of SmarTally® Sorter Edition, a grader name can be attached to each board. In the case of SmarTally® Canter Edition an operator name can be attached to each log.

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