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  Laser Log Gapping
  Planer Setworks Control

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Brochure Downloads:
  SmarTally Display Edition
    ( PDF 361KB)
  SmarTally Moisture Edition
    ( PDF 213KB)
  SmarTally Label Edition
    ( PDF 170KB)
  Laser Log Gapping
    ( PDF 191KB)
  Planer Setworks Controls
    ( PDF 272KB)

SmarTally® Log Sort Edition:

SmarTally Log Sort Edition gives you the ability to manage sorting parameters of logs running into the mill. By looking at a predefined table that you configure, you can manage how logs are sorted based on Small Diameter, Large Diameter and Length.

Bin Assignments Screen
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Log sorting is managed through a Bin Assignments table where you specify the bin to sort a log to based on every possible diameter and length combination.

An additional screen provides an oversize/undersize limit to be applied to a log. This allows logs with diameters above or below the setpoints above to be sorted into specific bins.

Every log is recorded to a database and can be reported on at any time in the future. The following reports are available:

  • Log Count by Small Diameter
  • Log Count by Large Diameter
  • Log Count by Length
  • Log Count by Bin
  • Log Count Small Diameter vs Large Diameter by Bin
  • Log Count vs Length by Small Diameter
  • Log Count vs Length by Large Diameter
  • Log listing
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