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  SmarTally Display Edition
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  Planer Setworks Controls
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SmarTally® Downtime Edition:

SmarTally® Downtime Edition is a downtime reporting package developed to work alone or with SmarTally® Display Edition. It works by monitoring PLC Address tags that monitor machine run status. When a machine goes down, SmarTally® Downtime Edition begins logging downtime to its database. A report can be pulled up at any time to view the

Report Features include:

  • Ability to assign a "cause" to each downtime event. Example, the Planer was down due to a board skew.
  • Track if a machine center went down due to another machine center.
       Example, the planer was down due to a jam in the MSR.
  • Ability to pull up a report from any time in the past to now.
  • Customize your report by selecting specific date ranges and shifts.
  • View total downtime and total uptime in minutes over your date and shift ranges.
  • View the total number of times a downtime event occured and the number of associated minutes.
  • SmarTally® propriatory day/week/month/year date ranges and forward/next advancement buttons for quick report review and comparison.

Configuring Machine Centers
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Configuring Machine Centers:

Configuring a machine center is as easy as defining the alarm bit PLC Address or Tag that caused the downtime event. Any time the bit is off during a valid shift downtime is being accumulated and any time it is on during a valid shift uptime is accumulated.

More than 100% uptime:

SmarTally Downtime Edition continues to run through your coffee breaks and lunches, so if your shift runs longer than its scheduled time it is possible that you'll accumulate uptime in excess of 100%.

Downtime Report
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Downtime Report:

SmarTally® Downtime Edition's reports share the same familiar layout and control as other SmarTally® products.

The report shows the following values:

  • Total downtime minutes.
  • Total uptime minutes.
  • Total number of downtime events per machine center.
  • The name of the event that caused the downtime.
  • The percentage of total downtime that each downtime event is responsible for.
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