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Brochure Downloads:
  SmarTally Display Edition
    ( PDF 361KB)
  SmarTally Moisture Edition
    ( PDF 213KB)
  SmarTally Label Edition
    ( PDF 170KB)
  Laser Log Gapping
    ( PDF 191KB)
  Planer Setworks Controls
    ( PDF 272KB)

SmarTally® Display Edition:

Take control and manage the messages being sent to your message displays with SmarTally® Display Edition.

Ensuring Future Compatibility:

In looking ahead to the future, we designed SmarTally® Display Edition with flexibility in mind. The end result is a software package that can connect to multiple message displays simultaneously, even when they use different communication formats. This added flexibility ensures that SmarTally® Display Edition will be able to accomodate new message displays as they become available to the market years down the road.

SmarTally® Display Edition messaging software is compatible with common messaging displays like Pro-Lite, Newnes Infomaster and Adaptive Displays.

SmarTally® Display Edition connects to your existing Allen-Bradley PLC system. You can retrieve PLC address and tag data to be displayed as a message, or monitor alarm bits to trigger other messages. A four-level deep priority setting gives you the ability to override lower priority messages with higher priority messages to ensure that the most important information is on the displays when it needs to be.

Connection Diagram

Customizable Messages:

  • Four-level Message Priorities.
  • Configurable Font Colors*
  • Adjustable length of time to display message.
  • Expiry Dates.

* Indicates features available from specific manufacturers.


SmarTally Screenshot

Features Include:

  • Support for multiple displays.
  • Serial/Ethernet display capabilities.
  • User-level password protection.
  • Quickly view a resolution to a message.
  • Alarm logging and Viewing.

Download Brochure
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