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  SmarTally® Sorter Edition
  SmarTally® Moisture Edition
  SmarTally® Display Edition
  SmarTally® Downtime Edition
  SmarTally® Canter Edition
  SmarTally® Log Sort Edition
  SmarTally® Shift Scheduler
  SmarTally® Label Edition
  SmarTally® GMR Edition
  SmarTally® MSR Edition
  Laser Log Gapping
  Planer Setworks Control

  Automation Design
  PLC Programming
  HMI Programming

Brochure Downloads:
  SmarTally Display Edition
    ( PDF 361KB)
  SmarTally Moisture Edition
    ( PDF 213KB)
  SmarTally Label Edition
    ( PDF 170KB)
  Laser Log Gapping
    ( PDF 191KB)
  Planer Setworks Controls
    ( PDF 272KB)

PLC Programming

Our Industrial Automation Team offers years of experience in all aspects of Control Design and Implementation. With our extensive industry experience and our command of the latest in technology, we are available 24 hours a day to help our customers with their projects or emergency needs.

We are familiar with:

  • PLC5000
  • PLC500
  • PLC5
  • TI
  • PLC2
  • ControlLogix
  • MicroLogix
  • FlexLogix
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