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  Laser Log Gapping
  Planer Setworks Control

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Brochure Downloads:
  SmarTally Display Edition
    ( PDF 361KB)
  SmarTally Moisture Edition
    ( PDF 213KB)
  SmarTally Label Edition
    ( PDF 170KB)
  Laser Log Gapping
    ( PDF 191KB)
  Planer Setworks Controls
    ( PDF 272KB)

Planer Setworks Controls

A typical planer relies on manual speed wrenches and adjustment wheels to adjust and position planer heads. Our Planer Setworks Control Package automates this process. A touch-screen interface allows a product selection (2x4, 2x6, 1x4, etc) to be made and the planer heads move into position quickly and accurately.

Quick Cleanup

The planer heads can be quickly opened and cleaned out in the event of a planer jam and repositioned to their original position within seconds.

Universal Installation

Our Planer Setworks Package retrofits to all makes of planers.

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