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  SmarTally Display Edition
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  SmarTally Moisture Edition
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  SmarTally Label Edition
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  Laser Log Gapping
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  Planer Setworks Controls
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Laser Log Gapping Controls

Our log gapping controls introduce variable speed controls into your log feeder system in order to increase throughput. A laser is used to measure the length of a log as it moves up the incline. As that log is dropped onto the conveyor the next logs length is measured. By comparing the two lengths and their positions on the incline we are able to increase or decrease the speed of the log feeder ensuring that the gap between the logs is consistently short.

More Volume per hour

As shorter logs enter and move up the incline the system speeds up allowing more logs through per hour. As larger logs come through the system slows down, dropping the new log onto the conveyor at precisely the right time ensuring a small gap as with the shorter logs.

Universal Installation

Our log gapping system is suitable for use on Log Ladders, Step Feeders, Wave Feeders and other log feeding systems. Contact us to find out more.

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