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The FenceCheck™ System includes an integrated package that will Check the actual performance of the trimmer "ending fence" system.

This unit is designed so it can be added to the Trimmer Line and enable mill personnel to check the performance of the fencing system via reports and indicating lights.

The unit consists of a pair of ScanMeg sensors (1/16" resolution) mounted to a free standing frame, a self contained PLC and a PC. The PC and will be located in the computer room or nearby office.

The FenceCheck™ PLC is preprogrammed and will communicate with the Trimmer line PLC to obtain fence set, and board data over a Control Net network. This information is compared to actual board position in the Fence Check PLC, and the complied data then transmitted for each board over a EtherNet network to the Fence Check PC application.


  • FenceCheck PLC Cabinet
  • One main PLC cabinet c/w one (1) PLC system. The PLC cabinet will come complete with all I/O pre-wired and tested to terminals, and all required power supplies. The cabinet will be CSA approved.

The cabinet and PLC components will be sized to allow for the future incorporation of a post-trimmer length verification system.

Reporting Package

The unit will log batches of 65,000 pieces. Screens and reports will allow thorough analysis of errors enabling technicians to determine the cause of errors at the fence. Data can be saved for further analysis and manipulation in Excel or Access.

The unit is also equipped with external LED's to indicate when Ending Errors have occurred for each board, and when alarms have been triggered.

Approximately 10 rungs are added to the customers Trimmer Line PLC to compile and transmit the board & Lug data to the Fence Check PLC.

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